Tonawanda News


November 6, 2012

Decision '12

Tonawanda News — As the final hours before today’s election dwindled down on Monday, after months of campaigning and poll watching, candidates and volunteers made a final push to get their respective messages out. 

President Barack Obama has etched up in state and national polls in recent weeks against his Republican opponent Mitt Romney as many pundits continued to label the race too close to call. 

Political operatives focused on the ground game Monday, arranging candidates’ yard signs and heading door-to-door to sway the last of the undecided and drum up turnout at the polls. 

And while consensus says New York state will carry the Democratic ticket in the Electoral College, in the Tonawandas, opinions still varied widely, with many who plan on voting for one candidate or another today saying the economy headlines their viewpoints. 

Greg Stenis, who owns Dwyer’s Irish Pub on Webster Street in North Tonawanda — were residents gazed at election coverage Monday afternoon — said he is one of the undecided, though as a registered Republican, he’s leaning toward Romney. 

“We just need to do something with the deficit,” he said, “and I look at the presidency the same way I look at business.” 

Kerri Fleming, a bartender there, said she will be out of town on election day and sent in an absentee ballot late last month in favor of Romney. 

“I just don’t think Obama does any good for America,” she said. 

Across the street at Ava’s Place, owner Randy Siford said he is an ardent Democrat who views the difference between Romney and Obama as a choice over the future of the country, now more than ever. 

“The president inherited the problem and he’s doing his best to fix it and he has done an excellent job,” he said. 

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