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November 6, 2012

Decision '12


Tonawanda News — “Why accuse Obama of what Bush did?,” he said. “Bush didn’t help America. He helped the big rich people just like him.”

Jesse Richardson is the owner of Richardson’s Fast Food and Deli, also in Niagara Falls. He can be seen outside his establishment flipping ribs as the smoke on the grill almost every day. On Monday, Richardson was in his usual spot wearing a jacket and a scarf and retreating into his store to duck out of the chilly air.

Richardson, who is black, said that he is supporting Obama, as he did in 2008, but not because of his race. Instead, he said he feels Obama’s policies will be better for the middle class than what is being proposed by the Romney campaign.

He too blamed the divided state of politics in Washington as a reason for Obama’s record in the Oval Office.

“A lot of things don’t get done if you can’t come to an agreement on how your going to spend this money and how much debt we are going to incur by spending,” Richardson said. “What’s the priority here?”

Richardson said he thinks taxes will go up in the next term regardless of who wins the presidency tomorrow. He said that he understands why owners of small businesses might be worried about how the Affordable Care Act might increase costs, but that as the economy grows, things will even out.

“If the economy grows enough, I think, when their profit grows it would somewhat balance itself,” Richardson said.

Others with less or no experience at the polls will be setting their sights on voting machines for the first time this year.

Gino Lobianco, 21, said he will cast his first-ever vote today for Obama.

“I think that he’ll follow through with most of his goals and what he promised when he was running,” Lobianco  said. “I think he’ll be able to get a lot of that done in another four years.”

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