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November 15, 2012

Sound Off published Nov. 15

Tonawanda News — Here I think this will wake some folks up with North Towns soccer club. At the meeting the other night this club of volunteers, not for profit is not what it seems to be. We all found out how things work within the little click of who’s who. Turns out the head of the club Frank Huber has been getting kicks backs as pay at the rate of $4. per player registered in the club. as we learned he has made $50,000 off of this scheme, other members also in key positions have also benefited financially. There was even kids that played for free under this management style of who knows who. well this angered many members. It’s time to file for an investigation of financial acts and see how a not for profit group like this makes all this money squirreled away in the bank, CD’s etc charges as part of the fee automatic $20. for raffle that you have no choice to opt out of. Where else is this money going you have to wonder.


So we finally have a 3-foot-wide left facing arrow in the road at Twin Cities and Robinson which should be pretty self explanatory, but it appears in addition to that we need a big old sign hanging from the traffic light that reads “this lane left turn only” and maybe then everyone will understand if you’re going straight you don’t belong in the left lane.


I went to the Veterans Day service on the bridge. A small crowd little disappointing. They announced the city officials and NT had just about everyone there. Tonawanda had nobody, our Mayor has no problem letting everyone know he is a Purple Heart Vietnam Vet but he can’t attend the service, what about other city officials from Tonawanda, what a disgrace, shame on you ... Hats off to NT officials ...

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