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November 15, 2012

Sound Off published Nov. 15


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I can’t believe the nerve of some motorcycles. Sunday night one was doing 30 in a 45, serving all over the road, flipping other drivers off, then jamming on the brakes at other driver on River Rd. in Wheatfield until it widened out to 4 lanes then tried to speed over 50 before somebody got in front of him. Then he tried to race between cars in both lanes. He also had a tiny tail light on it. I think he wanted to cause an accident and sue the other driver.


I want a job where I can be a crooked bully. Does the Tonawanda PD have any openings?


Would not seat my son and I , until we brought my husband, who was in the car waiting with my Autistic/Down Syndrome daughter for us to get a table, until all (4) of us were present at the noisy, entrance hostess desk. For the consideration of not only my daughter, who cannot tolerate standing in a noisy, commotion-filled front desk, but also for the restaurant owner and patrons who would be subjected to my daughters unconventional reactions to such, I was considerate. Yet where were this restaurant owners considerations? He refused to seat us. I am filing a disability discrimination complaint.

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