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June 23, 2013

McGregor and Mazzeo win at TNT Fight Series: Dynamite


Tonawanda News — Pete Mazzeo (6-0) was victorious in the main event, capturing the TNT Featherweight title. He won a unanimous decision over Corey Lauth (3-4), utilizing his wrestling advantage to control the fight. 

“I”m practically speechless. I’m so thankful to God, my opponent and my team,” Mazzeo said. 

Mazzeo wanted to test Lauth in the standup, but he also knew when the time came he needed to get the fight to the ground.

“I felt like I landed shots, closed the distance and got the takedown every round,” he said. “It’s a lot easier said than done to pound a guy out on the ground, and Corey did a great job. He didn’t want to go out.”

Mazzeo came out the aggressor and landed some nice shots in the early part of round one. Then he landed a takedown and immediately assumed side control. Lauth held him off for a while but Mazzeo started to land shots from the guard and busted Lauth open over his right eye.

Mazzeo won the second and third round, but Lauth took the fourth after sweeping Mazzeo and landing some solid ground and pound.

Lauth didn’t give up and held off a Mazzeo takedown early in the fifth and final round, and landed good shots while Mazzeo kept working for the takedown on the fence. Finally Mazzeo got Lauth down once again and finished the round on top.

Eric Valez, fresh off a Golden Gloves tournament championship, improved his MMA record to 3-0 with a convincing decision victory over Dave Whitman. 

Velez dominated all three rounds, using his wrestling to control the fight. He scored multiple takedowns in every round and proceeded to rain heavy hammer fists throughout the fight. He said that he wanted to stand with Whitman because he felt his standup was being disregarded before the fight, so after some action on the feet he went back to his comfort zone.

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