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100114 MOBIL GAS1

100114 MOBIL GAS1 - TON/DOUG BENZ/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERNORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. - The gas price sign at Mobil on the Twin Cities Highway at Robinson Road is pictured, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010. The sign can be deceiving, listing three gas prices many may consider to be regular unleaded and two classes of premium gas, in descending order. Actually the prices advertised in desceding order are regular unleaded with a car wash for $2.95 per gallon, $3.05 for regular unleaded and $3.24 for diesel. According to the web site, on the day this photo was taken, $3.05 for regular unleaded was the highest gas price in Western New York. Information on the site also provided the following, one dozen Mobil gas stations in Western New York were selling regular unleaded for $2.99 and two Mobil� in the southtowns were selling for $3.01 per gallon; the Buffalo average price was $2.946.