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January 19, 2010

LIFESTYLE: Make art part of Syracuse trip

Syracuse — I am not an art critic. I can’t pick out a Renoir from a Michelangelo to save my life, nor can I even define what the Impressionist period is.

But I know what I like. And I like the Everson Museum of Art.

The museum, located minutes from Syracuse University in the city’s downtown area, offers several house exhibits on multiple floors as well as about a handful of traveling exhibits per year.

In four years as an SU student, I never once went to the museum, so I decided to go there not too long ago during a trip to Syracuse. The traveling exhibit that day was “Turner to Cezanne: Masterpieces from the Davies Collection,” an amalgamation of van Goghs, Monets and other 18th century works that has unfortunately since moved on (Syracuse was the only city in the Northeast to host the exhibit, which originated in Europe).

The visit proved well worth the time. Many of the priceless pieces of art were dazzling, particularly one painting that depicted a princely socialite and a pauper sharing a glance at the moon from underneath a bridge.

Guided tours are available at the Everson; my visit was dominated by them, with at least one group found in each room of the building. But even if your preference is to silently digest each painting (as is mine), the Everson allows for sufficient space to do so.

Many of the museum’s permanent pieces have an Empire State bent, such as numerous outdoor paintings of various upstate locales and some captivating interpretations of early 20th century New York City. Also on hand at the museum is a rare early reproduction of the famous George Washington portrait of him on a black background (one of only two portraits for which he posed, according to museum officials).

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