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August 23, 2012

MENDOLA: Ready for the games to begin

— — Hold onto your hats football fans, but the story topping football news Thursday was the following:

Tim Tebow threw a football into a garbage can.

Now I can't comment on whether it was Rubbermaid or your standard issue New Jersey Department of Sanitation refuse bin — nor can I dare to imagine what Tebow had for breakfast — but aren't football stories starting to carry the feelings normally reserved for "Real Housewives of Niagara Wheatfield" or whatever's on cable these days?

Number me among the many, many Buffalonians counting the days until our area's National Football League team takes the field for what is the most anticipated Bills season in years, if not a full decade back to Drew Bledsoe's arrival in Orchard Park.

Yet do I deserve to have my membership in the worldwide community of sports fans revoked if I would gladly abolish the feverish daily updates from preseason practice? The following "news stories" have been pawned off on football fans in the past 24 hours like they were hand-delivered Dead Sea Scrolls:

• Bills moving toward improvement.

• Wide receivers fighting for No. 2 job.

• Bills simulating regular season preparations.

Now I don't want to blow your minds, sports fans, but is it possible these plot lines have unlocked the keys to the Super Bowl aspirations of the 2012 Buffalo Bills? Why, it appears they are practicing, trying to do it well and hoping they can do it well enough to be on the team!

Next thing you know, we'll be reading stories about how the Bills will need to score more points than their opponents to win. We'll be discussing whether one player's practice jersey sweat patterns are an indication he's switched to Old Spice. Perhaps — and oh, what a glorious thing it would be — we'll learn that the team's favorite TV show is "Storage Wars."

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