Tonawanda News


August 9, 2013



Tonawanda News — Dareus understands his shortcomings. He was ready to improve upon them a year ago, before his focus was derailed by tragedy. He’s grown from that experience.

Dareus is proud to announce he’s down to his rookie playing weight of about 300 pounds, after entering camp at 331 last season. He talks about how much better he feels mentally and physically. And he’s pleased to hear what Williams had said about him being ready to take off and fly.

“Everything is behind me. I’m only looking forward,” Dareus said. “Kyle Williams has got my back, and just knowing that pushes me through all of this.”

With each word, his voice rises with intensity, and a smile begins to build.

“Yeah, I’m happy,” Dareus said. “I’m ready to twitch. I’m ready to go.”

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