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November 28, 2013

Bills lose edge hosting Falcons indoors at Toronto


Tonawanda News — What the Bills lose, however, is a distinct late-season edge they would normally get playing in the cold and blustery conditions in Buffalo.

“Yeah, we’d love to get them outside in the elements. That would definitely be an advantage,” center Eric Wood said. “But this is a deal we’ve got to embrace. It’s important to our franchise. You can’t go up there with a bad attitude.”

Like it or not, the Bills are resigned to knowing they have no choice when it comes to making the two-hour trek to Canada’s largest city and financial capital.

It’s a metropolis of more than 5 million residents, where the NHL’s Maple Leafs dominate the sports pages, and a place better known these days for Mayor Rob Ford’s various attention-grabbing troubles.

Wood drew headlines of his own last year after Buffalo’s 50-17 loss to Seattle at Toronto.

Unable to make the trip because of a sprained right knee, Wood grew frustrated watching on TV and seeing the lack of support the Bills got from the crowd.

He called it “a joke,” and added: “Those non-Bills fans that go to the game are just cheering for plays as opposed to cheering for a team. And that kills you.”

Wood was in a more diplomatic mood this week when reminded of his comments.

“It was a heat of the moment-type deal,” he said. “I was excited about the opportunity to go up there and hopefully get a win. And I’m approaching it the same way this year.”

Getting a win would be a start.

The Bills are 1-4 in regular-season games at Toronto, with their lone win a 23-0 victory over Washington in 2011. The series opened with a dud, when Buffalo managed just 163 yards offense in a 16-3 loss to Miami.

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