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August 26, 2009

KENMORE: Day care celebrates 25th anniversary

Thirty years ago, Debi Beaumont was working at an area day care center when she was asked by the owner to hire 17-year-old Debby Sciandra to join the staff.

“She’s just a kid,” Beaumont recalls saying. “I was only 25 myself and fresh out of college, and that’s how I met Debby.”

That friendship and interest in children grew and in 1984, Beaumont, Debby and her husband Ron Sciandra, started their own child care facility, Tiny Treasures Day Care, at 1287 Military Road in Kenmore.

The two women are now celebrating their 25th year on Sunday with a picnic at Sheridan Park, inviting current and former parents, children, and staff members to attend.

Beaumont’s degree is in education, but when she graduated from college there were few teacher positions open. So she turned to day care.

“When the day care I was working for closed, Debby and I decided to become partners,” Beaumont said.

“It’s unique that we’ve been (in the same place) 25 years. In fact the children that we raised are bringing their children back here. That’s when you know you did a good job, when they bring their children back. I love what I do. It’s not a money making thing. I’d make so much more (money) working in a school,” she laughed.

Debby Sciandra commented that after she was married all she wanted to do was be a stay at home mom.

“Because of our day care, I could stay home with my kids,” Sciandra said. “At first I worked intermittently, filling in for vacations. When the children were older, they came here and in fact my daughters work here now.”

The day care facility promotes a family atmosphere with parents, children and staff operating more as a big family than a business, Sciandra said.

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