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January 22, 2009

HOSPITALS: CHS adds Sabres games to in-room TV service

Buffalo Sabres fans can no longer use missing a game as an excuse to put off medical treatment.

In response to recent patient surveys, Kenmore Mercy and other hospitals in the Catholic Health System added extra channels to its television system. Among them are the sports networks MSG and Versus, which will allow patients to view home and away Sabres hockey games.

“In keeping with our customer satisfaction goals, our patients spoke, we listened and we are pleased to be able to offer this additional programming for all Catholic Health acute care in-patients who elect to rent daily television service,” said Kathy Manns, manager of Resource Services.

Television service costs $4.25 per day and hasn’t gone up despite the expansion of channels. Catholic Health made the decision to incur the additional cost specifically so its patients would be able to view most Sabres game, as well as other NHL games and sporting events throughout the season, said Kenmore Mercy President and CEO James Millard.

“While we obviously cannot control the outcome of the games, we hope that by providing patients access to one of their favorite pastimes we can help to make their hospital stay more pleasant,” Millard joked.

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