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March 22, 2014

TUCKER: Time to clean out your attics


Tonawanda News — Love to know what the diocesan school department is thinking when they have St. Amelia School send letters to North Tonawanda and City of Tonawanda parents saying that the diocese is committing a $25,000 grant a year to subsidize transportation for T-NT students. 

“Once we have a firm number of students that will be using our transportation system, we will be able to determine the amount the route will cost per child. We are hoping to keep the transportation fee as minimal as possible,” St. Amelia’s principal wrote.

Oh, by the way, did I mention there will be one drop-off site in North Tonawanda and one in Tonawanda. Now isn’t that a big help? Almost as good as the offer of NFTA bus passes.

Mark Saltarelli, who is leading the fight at St. Francis in an admirable style, sent a response that, to me, was perfect.

“...I equate this letter to vultures circling animals who they believe are dying. Well in case you have not heard the news, St. Francis is not closing. I understand the pressure the Diocese of Buffalo is exerting on everyone, but there comes a time when people need to step up and do the right thing. The Catholic schools are in this together. We all fight the same fight. Therefore, when one of our own start taking advantage of a situation to the detriment of another, it hurts.”

Mark noted that more than $25,000 is needed for busing and the fact that tuition in Town schools is $1,000 more than at St. Francis. Which would you choose? (Besides, no one has a Father Mike.)


Along the same line, Tonawanda Council Member Jenna Koch, granddaughter of Nancy Holtz, 97 years young, and who taught hundreds of students while at St. Francis, emailed to say her grandmother joined the St. Francis fight.

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