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June 14, 2014

TUCKER: Give a cheer for yogurt

Tonawanda News — Yogurt, something I’d never eat, is now the official snack of New York ... and the naming of the wood frog as the official amphibian of the state ... is not off the table yet, a unique way to keep New York as a laughing stock to other states.

Do our legislators have nothing better to do than come up with this frivolous stuff? Does the state not have any pressing issues to take care of? What a joke.

How about helping small businesses by cutting taxes and supporting them with technical support? No, Governor Cuomo and the legislators are cheering the new companies coming in and starting up with no taxes for 10 years. There are rules about competing with others in the field, but with Internet and global access, those lines of demarcation are easy to erase. Why not look at businesses here that could use those kinds of tax breaks to keep their doors open?

Oh, by the way, the legislators approved 144 bills in a rush before this weekend’s three days off, followed by four days before they are off for the summer to “work” in the district.

The legislature is itself a laughing stock — at our expense.


Robert Adner of the Town of Tonawanda emailed a wonderful human interest story told particularly at this time when we recall D-Day and the fighting in WWII. The story is about Mr. Adner and his Army buddy of 65 years, Norman Batchelder. 

“My original outfit was the 39th Infantry Regiment, Company “M,” reassigned to USARPAC which is the headquarters for the entire Pacific command,” he wrote. “We served together in Hawaii in 1948 and 1949. He married a Japanese girl whose father owned a pineapple plantation on Kaui which was left to Norm and Alice. I was best man at his wedding in Honolulu in 1949 and we have kept in contact ever since. ... Although we were both combat engineers we got sidetracked when our ship broke down in Hawaii on the way to Japan. Sadly Norm, who is flying in from Newport Beach, Ca. with his son and daughter-in-law, is in the first stages of dementia so it is likely to be out last reunion.”

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