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July 20, 2013

TUCKER: Chairs give visitors fun ride


Tonawanda News —

And while we're in that neighborhood, let's hope the city is planning to water its newly planted trees on Main Street. They will be so stressed by the continued hot, humid weather, they may not make it through the rest of the summer — something that's happened before.


Mentioned this before, but will our governor ever stop promoting the "tax free zone" as good for the state? Our son owns a small business which over the years has never received a "tax break," he's had to pay all his business, personal and sales taxes, and not once has the state offered anything to him nor to so many other businesses like him. How do we get the governor (or any official) to listen? By the time elections roll around, any anger from issues like this and many more akin to it in the state, will have been forgotten. Is there no one in state government who will speak up and take on the challenge of disagreeing with the governor? Probably not.

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