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July 13, 2013

TUCKER: Mini-reunion tops Canal Fest


Tonawanda News — Organ Stop Pizza and its Mighty Wurlitzer have come to be known as the biggest and best in the world as attested to by many of the world’s finest theater organists and, more importantly, the hundreds of thousands of patrons who visit each year.

Thanks, Bob. Riviera and Wurlitzer folks will be happy to hear this success story.


A few days ago, an editorial in the News by Esther Cepeda was right on the money as she described her yearning for a return to plain, traditional renditions of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

“It may be a small thing,” she said, “but it rankles me every time I hear a souped-up version of the national anthem. ... Essentially, I’m pining for return to a standard, bare-bones, 3/4 time, one-and-a-half octave rendition devoid of odd syncopations, extra grace notes, dizzying arpeggios or nearly endless fermata holds. Oh, and no ear-spitting headache-inducing high notes”

Well said, Esther. Let’s get back to basics.


Now get set for another Canal Fest and don’t worry, nothing’s changed from the past who knows how many years.

Beer, anyone?

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