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November 24, 2012

TUCKER: Homeless veterans need help

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Thanksgiving and Black Friday (whatever that means) are over, thank goodness.

At our house, the annual football game with “kids” from ages 9 to 50+ was a huge success, partly because the weather was great, no mud, no mess. The game ended in a tie and then the lunch party started at our house. It’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving. This year’s menu included two kinds of soup as well as every leftover in the refrigerator. How can you not like having all the leftovers cleaned up? 

And seeing all the nieces and nephews and great-nieces and nephews was great fun. Hard to believe they are all grown up with lives and children of their own. Where did the years go? This year there as a new addition to the family, a Chesapeake retriever, 5-month old, who came with our oldest grandson. She was a hit with everyone, with her friendly and loving personality. She’s full of energy, enjoying the playtime and running in the backyard.


On a totally different note, Gerald Tidd, commander of  the Chapter 120 Roll of Honor, Disabled American Veterans, sent a note saying how desperately the group is to receive coats, hats and gloves for homeless veterans.

“The clothing closet is empty and a minimum of 25 coats, hats and gloves are needed to supply as many homeless veterans as possible,” he wrote.

So if you have any clothing items, drop them off at 460 North Ave., North Tonawanda or at 1945 Parker Blvd., Town of Tonawanda, or call Gerald at 310-2004 for more information.


Last week, a list of places that need yarn was listed in this column. And although the response to WHO can use the yarn was very positive, the donors of yarn were not.

So please, clean out your closets and get rid of all that yarn you’ll never use again. A call from Karen Armenia brought to light the tremendous need for yarn.

She knits with several groups making everything from lap robes to “chemo hats” and, she said, the members find much of the needed yarn at estate and garage sales. The knitted items are given locally as well as to organizations with outreach as far away as Nicaragua.

If you have yarn and have lost last week’s paper, call Karen 692-2719 or drop the yarn off at DeGraff Memorial Hospital gift shop or the VFW Post in the City of Tonawanda. Or, you can call or email me at the NEWS and I’ll be glad to pass on the information.


“I won’t ever go into Walmart again,” a friend fumed. “To start the sales on Thanksgiving evening is so money-grabbing that it ruined my day.”

I couldn’t agree more. That said, how about we all look at the stores right in the Twin Cities that line our streets with gift shops, antique stores and more. From show tickets from the Riviera for coming events to unique gifts from Hip Gypsy, to clocks and jewelry at Walker Bros. & Monroe Jewelers and, if you cross the bridge, gifts and jewelry from one of Tonawanda’s oldest jewelers, Lane Jewelry.

Apologies to those businesses that were not listed here, but the suggestion is to either take a walk through the Tonawandas’ business district or drive by slowly and see the possibilities.

And of course, let’s not forget Winter Walk next Saturday. A great chance to look around and appreciate what we have here.


Last weekend, it was a delight to see Mike Randall (WKBW’s long-time weather forecaster) as Charles Dickens, a solo performance of “A Christmas Carol.” Mike was awesome in the role, playing each character in a spellbinding way that shows off his love of Western New York history. Mike said he spent over a year researching and studying to recreate Dickens’ presentations. He even took a wood shop class so he could build the replica of Charles Dickens’ famous reading stand, the centerpiece for this performance. Well done!


Does anyone know where to purchase pinochle cards? My sisters and I like to play but they say my cards are old and why don’t I get new ones. So I’ve been searching everywhere. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Contact community editor Barbara Tucker at 693-1000, ext. 4110 or email