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October 13, 2012

TUCKER: Cat plan a license not to kill?

By Barbara Tucker
The Tonawanda News

— Bob Staff emailed Friday morning encouraging all Tonawanda High School alumni, if they had ever played for THS in any capacity on Clint Small field, to be aware they are invited to go on to the field area to be recognized at half time of the T-NT game.

“Golden Warriors, Silver Warriors, Red Warriors (in which we all are) and current day Warriors UNITE! Remember where we all came from ... THS!,” Bob wrote.

This is the one time all year that I regret having to write this column on Thursday or Friday morning, since by the time you read this, the game will be over, the last game played at the Clint Small Stadium, and the students and alumni will have great memories. Congratulations to the winning team. As a native of North Tonawanda, but having lived in Tonawanda nearly 30 years, I cheer for both teams.


Charles Williams emailed that he’s glad to see a mention of  licensing cats.

“BUT,” he wrote, “only cats that are let outside. I have an indoor cat — never goes out. I do leave food out for strays though. I found a very friendly cat outside three days ago and was able to put him in the cellar, immediately called the Niagara SPCA. They said they had a three and a half month waiting list! I let the cat back out and said a prayer for him. I cant keep a cat in the cellar for over three months. I have three dogs and a cat in my home and couldn’t let a cat in the main house. What good is the SPCA to friendly strays that seem to be lost, when you can’t take them anywhere? I no longer will support the SPCA. I love animals dearly, but when it comes to cats there are so many out there you can’t save them all and that’s what the SPCAs are doing. By trying to save them all, they are allowing many friendly cats that have lost their way outside, to stay lost and eventually they become wild and very afraid of people and no longer good as pets. There will be many pet cats out there that that get lost and have no ability to fend for themselves and end up starving.”

Mr. Williams: Just licensing cats that are let outside is not the answer, in my opinion. That would also mean that any dog that is always on a leash and never runs wild should not be licensed. Also, don’t blame the SPCA for the problem. They are doing the best they can with hundreds of cats being cared for. Should some of the cats be euthanized? Is that the answer? In a related article, Stefanie Zimmerman from Pet Supplies Plus store, emailed to say that more than four million cats and dogs are put down every year in U.S. shelters due to pet overpopulation and other factors according to the Humane Society.

To help combat this issue, the Pet Supplies Plus Stores on Sheridan Drive and Niagara Falls Boulevard are sponsoring an “Adopt-a-Pet Weekend” today and Sunday in an

effort to place countless canines and cats with forever homes. So if you are thinking of adopting a pet, stop by and see the many cats and dogs that are available. The Niagara Falls Boulevard adoption will from noon to 4 p.m. both days and the Sheridan Drive location will be from 2 to 8 p.m. on Saturday and 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday.


Ron Wacker sent over the latest notice from Jim Ward, executive advisor to state Senator Maziarz regarding Ron’s quest to get a left turn arrow at the corner of Erie Avenue and the Twin City Memorial Highway. Here’s the letter:

“Dear Mr. Wacker, The Senator is in receipt of your email regarding traffic control signaling at the intersection of Erie Avenue and Division Street in North Tonawanda. Sorry that you feel the wheels on this issue turned too slowly - but we have had ongoing discussions regarding this issue with the NYS DOT and North Tonawanda. The addition of the new Walmart played an important part in these

discussions along with its traffic impact. We have another meeting with the mayor and DOT in a couple of weeks to analyze the traffic patterns and finalize the needs at this intersection. Thank you for your inquiry.”

Spoken like a true politician. My money’s on Ron to follow through on this.




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