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March 29, 2014

OUR VIEW: Turning the corner on winter -- we hope

Tonawanda News — The lead on Thursday’s story about the latest — and dear God we hope the last — winter storm of the season pretty much said it all. 

Enough already.

But once again, it’s worth noting the exemplary response to the storm from government and school officials and residents here who heeded warnings and prevented an already frustrating situation from being any worse.

Depending on who you ask, this is the first winter in recorded history where Western New York endured two blizzards. The official scorekeepers at the National Weather Service hedged their bets a bit but if our gut tells us anything, Wednesday was certainly a blizzard and our second in three months. The roads were in poor shape, visibility was nil and the snow piled up steadily, inch by inch for the better part of the day and into the night.

There were even claps of thundersnow — a sure sign it was a good day to stay in your pajamas.

We’re grateful school districts here made the decision to close Tuesday night. Diehards might call it an overabundance of caution but the sooner schools make the announcement the better it is for parents — and teachers, for that matter — who deserve as much time as possible to adjust their plans. 

We grouse — rightly, much of the time — about how expensive government is around here. But this winter we can rest assured the employees at local, county and state public works departments have earned every cent in their paychecks. I serious tip of the cap is warranted for these committed public employees who have suffered through what seems like endless overtime and an unrelenting cold, snowy winter to keep our roads and bridges safe for travel.

Their work again Wednesday and Thursday was top notch. Just a few hours after the worst of the storm passed Wednesday night, main roads and highways were back in good shape throughout the region. It’s an impressive operation they run.

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