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November 1, 2013

OUR VIEW: City of Tonawanda candidate endorsements


Tonawanda News — Here’s a novel thought: How about sincerely asking what you can do? Isn’t that why they call it public service?

Perhaps Jopp finds it noble to state he doesn’t want to schmooze for votes but it begs a question: If a candidate for elective office can’t be bothered to solicit the opinions of his neighbors and would-be constituents when he’s asking for their vote what faith can we have he’ll be a responsive representative if they give it to him?

Thankfully we have a candidate in Democrat Jenna Koch who displays the opposite qualities and voters should absolutely reward her with a seat on the council.

Koch has been an active and engaged campaigner. She’s put forth the effort to meet and talk to residents in the city and we have every faith she would continue to do so if elected. It showed in our candidate forum. She did not sound like a first-time candidate and came off every bit a confident and capable individual. She earns a ringing endorsement for the Fourth Ward.

A NOTE ON THE PROCESS • The Tonawanda News editorial board, members of which are listed in the masthead on this page, evaluated a variety of factors in reaching a consensus on these endorsements. Candidates' responses during our debate factored in heavily. We also took into consideration any submissions candidates made to this page, our news coverage of this election and, where applicable, a candidate's history in public service.

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