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October 31, 2013

OUR VIEW: North Tonawanda candidate endorsements


Tonawanda News — By contrast, Spencer seems like a strong advocate for her part of town — and a vote for her would provide some of that loyal opposition on the council.

We say Spencer for the Second Ward.

For the Third Ward

Councilman Eric Zadzilka has spent two terms on the council and we still haven’t seen an issue surface where he’s distinguished himself from his colleagues. That isn’t entirely a bad thing but as someone who’s now approaching veteran lawmaker status we’d appreciate some more vocal leadership on the council from him.

His opponent, Darlene Bolsover, is a first-time candidate and largely came off as such during our forum. She lacked a coherent answer when asked what she views as her ward’s largest problem. There wasn’t much to be gleaned beyond the obvious expressions of affection for the city and banal pledges to work hard as a lawmaker.

Constituents sing Zadzilka’s praises as an attentive representative who returns calls and follows through when made aware of a problem. It’s a vision consistent with his persona on the council — quiet but effective.

Here’s hoping he speaks up a little as he grows into his role on the council.

For Alderman at-Large

Rarely can we say there are two more likable or distinguished candidates running for office than Bob Clark and Beverly Loxterman.

Bob is a former Tonawanda News Man of Honor; Beverly is a former Tonawanda News Woman of Distinction. Both have long histories as civic volunteers and are the model of engaged citizens who make North Tonawanda a better place to live.

There is a genuine level of respect for both candidates and, truth be told, voters across the city can’t make a bad pick.

But an honest evaluation of the candidates’ skill sets and work history gives the advantage to Beverly.

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