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December 16, 2013

CRIB NOTES: Disney World dos and don'ts

Tonawanda News — As anyone who read my column two weeks ago knows, I recently went with the family to Walt Disney World. I wrote some about my experiences last time, but I honestly learned too much from this trip not to discuss the trip again this time around.

Seeing as Penny is 6 and Rigby is nearly 5 (only one more month), this vacation felt like what I’d envision any vacation we take for the next eight or so years will feel like. We took the kids to Walt Disney World two years ago, but Rigby was a relative baby, so the experience was far different. There were no strollers or diapers, for starters. And both the kids were able to go with me on nearly every thrill ride (there is nothing better than taking both your babies on Splash Mountain three times in an hour).

Things went smoothly overall, but that wasn’t without a few hiccups here and there. Here is a sampling of what I learned.

VACATION DO: Bring drinks. Even if you’re in Florida in November and you may need to break out the sweatshirts, kids still get thirsty. Often. We bought bulk boxes of those little powder sticks you pour into water bottles. They’re a heck of a lot less pricey than Pepsi in the park at $4 a pop. Just buy a couple flavors, bring in one water bottle and you’re good to go. At least until they want different flavors at the same time.

VACATION DON’T: Push too hard. Places like Walt Disney World turn me into a little kid metaphorically. Only I have the body type and endurance of an adult (I’ve pulled off two weeks straight of two-hour sleep nights while rocking a crying baby daughter, so not much will wear me out anymore). So where a 14-hour jaunt through the Magic Kingdom is easy for me to pull off, kids just can’t no matter how much they might want to. I learned this the hard way. So pay attention to them. Break when they need to. Splurge for a snack if you need to. If they’re dragging too much, then head back to the hotel. Their feet getting tired actually led to our discovering the next do.

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