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September 22, 2013

CRIB NOTES: New nephews mean a chance to indulge

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Like Anakin Skywalker putting on the black mask and cape or Wario chucking red shells as his brother Mario down the race track, I have crossed over to the dark side.

And I have to say, I kind of enjoy the view from this side of things.

Aunt Brieanna and Uncle Bill were nice enough to make me a first-time uncle Sept. 10. Twin boys Dominic and D.J. are doing well with their mom and dad in Georgia.

I have yet to meet them, and I might not until at least the holidays. Thankfully, social media is there to fill in the void (it might be worth investing in some Facebook stock for that reason alone).

And in the meantime, I can plot ways to fulfill all those urges that I can’t with Penny and Rigby. If I see a Buffalo Bills toy I like, I don’t have to consider, “Where in the heck am I going to put that?” when it’s for my nephews.

If I find really cute “Baby’s First Christmas” onesies for them, I am not the one who needs to be concerned with, “The kids have 12 of these each. How am I possibly supposed to have them model each one for the person who gave it?”

When the time comes and I get to take them out to lunch, it’s sugar for everybody! I’m not putting anyone to bed this time! What, you want another Pixy Stick and Hi-C? Here are two of each!

I am exaggerating, of course, lest anyone think I lack nutritional knowledge or need my babysitting privileges revoked. But it is exciting to have new additions to the family, and I can now commit some of those indulgent acts Penny’s and Rigby’s extended family members have committed against us (Dec. 26 in our house traditionally resembles the Hasbro factory mixed with a recycling facility).

Penny and Rigby share in the excitement. They’ve talked to their new cousins on Internet chat and on phone. They ravenously consume each new picture and video that comes our way. Rigby has already asked if he can hold them when he meets them, and Penny is debating what to buy for the babies.

There really, truly seems to be no better joy for a family than a new addition. Even after having gone through this twice with my kids, I am still not certain why that is, exactly.

Maybe it’s reminiscing about the joys of when your own kids were that young. Perhaps it’s knowing people you love now have the best things they could possibly ever receive. It could be knowing you’ll get to see all those first steps, first words, first hugs, first days of school and myriad other innocent moments all over again. And it might be that there’s finally a family member who won’t get of listening to your stories because they haven’t heard you tell any yet.

Whatever the case, these are magical times that are unmatched for families. There are beautiful, new people to hold, cradle, rock, play with and give to their father to get changed. Knowing they are about to begin creating a lifetime of memories for everybody is a thought to be cherished.

There will be sleepless nights and unexplained crying fits. Every shirt in mom’s and dad’s possession will soon bear permanent shoulder spit-up stains. They’ll also soon learn what the best TV station is to watch at every hour of the day, overnight included, to pass time when the babies will only sleep being held in the living room recliner. Times of the day, days of the week and whether showers have been taken will be forgotten. Sanity will be questioned, and day and night will cease to exist as they morph into one contiguous 56-hour string.

In other words, the new parents are about to embark upon the time of their lives.


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