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July 20, 2013

CHRIS FIT: Top reasons you aren't seeing fitness progress -- Part 2

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I’ve received quite a bit of emails with regards to my last column, as to why people aren’t seeing progress from their workouts. Many readers shared similar stories about what they were doing incorrectly or less than ideal.

With that being said, here are some more common mistakes the typical gym-goer makes.

• You dont eat breakfast. A University of Massachusetts study showed some amazingly scary stats. People are 150 percent more likely to be obese when they eat breakfast away from home, and are 450 percent more likely to be obese by skipping breakfast.

This is probably due to the likelihood of unstable blood sugar levels, which may contribute to overeating later in the day.

• You follow the “latest greatest” workout trend. Most likely, if the Wizard of Oz or a “celebrity” endorses it, or it only takes 8 minutes a day ... its a scam.

The old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true” ... 

• Inadequate water consumption. Muscle tissue is about 75 percent water. Performance will suffer if you’re dehydrated and less intense workouts mean slower progress. Increasing your water consumption may replace other liquid calories.

Drinking water before your meals may help fill your stomach and allow you to eat less at meals.

• Failure to set realistic goals. My two facilities have helped numerous people lose 50, 60 and  even 100 plus pounds. Losing 100 pounds takes time. Losing 100 pounds takes an average of 12 months. That equates to approximately 1.9 pounds per week. Unfortunately 1.5 pounds per week doesnt sound as sexy as the 7-10 pounds per week lost on TV “reality” shows. Remember, you are probably trying to offset 8, 10 maybe 20 plus years of bad habits and little to no exercise. 

Maybe for the first month or two of embarking on a new lifestyle, you aim to hit the gym for a total of 30 visits. That is a reasonable and measurable process-orientated plan. If you “stay the course,” over time, you’ll have new behaviors and those positive behaviors will lead to a healthier, leaner, happier you.

5. Failure to have fun. My facilitiy and many area fitness facilities offer lots of different classes and all styles of exercise. If a gym membership is out of your budget, try to vary your workouts, the location of them and even the days of the week you exercise. Try a new sport (kayaking, roller blading, etc.) You dont need a gym membership to be fit and healthy but it does help.  

Chris Tybor is a personal trainer and owner of Christfit, which has locations in Lewiston and Niagara Falls. For more information visit