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December 17, 2012

Tonawanda woman publishes crime novel series

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Tonawanda News — One look at the release dates of Town of Tonawanda resident Christy Laughing’s first three books — September 2012, December 2012 and January 2013 — and one might think she’s a heck of a prolific writer.

But as she explains it, the books, all part of a police detective trilogy, were actually started about a dozen years ago and went through several drafts before they were just right.

“It took a year to write each one ... I have the original manuscript and it’s hilarious,” Laughing said. “I’ve grown a lot because I’ve been writing for business for the last 10 years and that’s kind of matured me. I’ve been going back through these stories and rewriting and re-editing.”

And now, they’re seeing the light of day.

Laughing is self publishing each novel through, and so far, she said the first book, “Closer Than a Brother,” has had good reviews.

The book follows two fictional Niagara Falls detectives, Kevin and Michael, and a guy who could be bad, or could be good (you’ll have to read to find out), John Casey. Laughing said the first book focuses on how the three get twisted up into each others’ lives, and the second two — “Beyond the Call of Duty” and “United We Fall” — follow how these relationships play out.

Laughing said she first became interested in writing as a sixth-grader when her teacher gave the class a series of assignments based on the alphabet. Each week the students had to write a story based on a different letter.

“I wrote about Ollie the octopus,” she said. “The teacher pulled me aside and began to just encourage me and say what she thought of it and was very positive. 

“That’s when I began to go ‘Hey, maybe I have a talent.’ “

Growing up she never had a strong interest in crime fiction, but somehow found herself drawn to the genre when she first began to seriously put pen to paper.

“It’s just what flew from my fingers. You really have good and evil when you talk about a police novel and I can work with that and enjoy it. Anything can happen,” Laughing said. “The evil can be as evil as it can be and the good can be as good as it can be.”

But it’s not just crime fiction that captures Laughing’s imagination; she’s also a voracious reader of romance novels and is currently putting together a series of stories she’s written into a time-travel themed romance novel. 

And while Laughing won’t commit 100 percent to writing more books for the “Closer Than a Brother” series, she’s also hesitant to rule out the possibility. 

“There is definitely a possibility for more,” she said, though with one book being released this month, another next month and yet a third currently in the works, there may be no reason to hurry.

“Closer Than a Brother” is available for sale at Talking Leaves Books, Laughing’s website, and a book signing Dec. 22 at the Festival of Lights at the Erie County Fairgrounds. “Beyond the Call of Duty” is scheduled to be released before the end of the month.

IF YOU GO • WHAT: Book signing by author Christy Laughing • WHEN: 5:30 to 10 p.m. Saturday • WHERE: Festival of Lights at the Erie County Fairgrounds • MORE INFORMATION: Visit