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July 7, 2013

FIT FOR LIFE: Top reasons you may not be seeing progress

By Chris Tybor
The Tonawanda News

— The past 13 years of experience have taught me the following reasons are the most likely culprits of stalled or non-existent progress.

• You fail to make a conscious decision to start. I tell my clients that in 3 months, 90 days will have passed, regardless of whether you have lost weight, gotten stronger or improved your level of conditioning.

Your diet and weight routine doesnt have to “start next Monday.”

• You are unsure of your goals. You may want to increase your squat by 15 pounds for two weeks, then change your goals to lose 30 pounds within 30 days or never eat ice cream again. Pick a realistic, specific goal and devote six to 10 weeks of focusing on it.

* You dont make your goal a priority. Most people blame lack of time as their reason for not exercising. It all comes down to what you value. If you value unhealthy eating habits, having less energy, being uncomfortable in your clothes, versus being more productive during the day, setting a good example for your friends/family and a reduction in stress, then continue to avoid making a healthy(ier) lifestyle a priority.

• Lack of accountability. Human psychology is great. New clients would rather disappoint themselves than myself or staff of trainers. After a long day of work, some gym goers might ditch that workout for the couch or drive thru. If they had a scheduled appointment with a friend or trainer, more often than not, the workout would not be skipped. 

For new clients, I’m not concerned with their initial reasons for coming to the gym. After a few weeks of using proven exercise and nutrition tactics, progress happens much quicker (or for the first time) and motivation levels increase. Most individuals do not like doing things they arent good or successful at. Working with a fitness professional will keep you accountable and motivated until progress sets in and new, healthier habits are formed.

5. Focusing on incorrect markers of progress. Most people will focus only on scale weight. This only tells a very small portion of changes occurring. 

Inches lost, lean muscle tissue being built, blood pressure lowered, resting heart rate, increased work capacity, lowered cholesterol and increased sense of well being are all legitimate and important improvements that consistent exercise will produce.

• You start an exercise program but neglect changing or improving your eating habits. Please don’t incorrectly assume that you can “exercise off” a bad diet. You are expecting more from your body so it makes sense that you need more quality nutrients to fuel and repair your. I always give new clients the compartison of NASCAR drivers, those million-dollar cars aren’t winning races with cheap watered-down fuel.

Hopefully the above reasons will have you re-evaluate how you measure your progress and take steps to achieve your all-time healthiest condition ever.

Chris Tybor is a personal trainer and owner of Christfit, which has locations in Lewiston and Niagara Falls. For more information visit