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May 12, 2013

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda -- don't believe what they say

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Tonawanda News — This week’s Pinterest project was an utter failure and — at least this time — it wasn’t my fault.

Normally I’m able to turn these failed pins around with an alternative recipe or set of instructions, or at least be OK with mediocre results. Not so much this time.

This Pinterest-inspired project was the one that first gave me the idea of starting this column series — making a dingy cookie sheet look pristine using a simple solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

I’ve seen this suggestion pinned a million times on Pinterest so I figured it had to work. I’ve seen what seem to be legitimate results via before-and-after photographs. 

Besides, who would lie about this? Manufacturers of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda? Does Arm & Hammer stand to make a fortune off this seemingly simple household trick?

The procedure is simple: shake a layer of baking soda onto the dirty surface of your cookie sheet, sprinkle some hydrogen peroxide on top and then another layer baking soda. I made sure to use enough hydrogen peroxide to make the entirely first layer mostly wet, though without leaving pools of liquid.

Let the mixture sit undisturbed for four hours, then scrub off with what I was promised would be very little elbow grease.

This was an absolute fail. I followed the directions to a T and 15 minutes of scrubbing with the rougher, green side of a kitchen sponge, my cookie sheet was still nowhere close to being the gleaming, silver shade the Pinterest photo promised.

I only used the peroxide mixture on one half of the tin with wonderful thoughts in my head of a perfect Pinterest-like photo of a shiny, clean side standing in stark contrast to the still nearly rusted side that was uncleaned. So much for that.

And now you dear readers get to see a photo of my disgusting, well-used and well-loved cookie sheet, still as dingy as ever. All of it.

As an added bonus, I’ll let you guess which side was the control, and which one was cleaned. Can’t tell? Me neither.

Looks like this home cook is in the market for a new cookie sheet. Can I just pin a picture of Bed Bath & Beyond on my “Household cleaning tips board?”

Contact Sunday Lifestyle editor Danielle Haynes at 693-1000, ext. 4116 or follow her on Twitter @DanielleHaynes1.

Contact Sunday Lifestyle editor Danielle Haynes at 693-1000, ext. 4116 or follow her on Twitter @DanielleHaynes1.