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October 22, 2012

BOOK NOOK: Books lists spooky side of Western New York


Tonawanda News — It’s all very entertaining, but it’s not perfect. The lack of sources for many stories made me twitch at times, but the afterword notes that “where sources are not mentioned, it has to be presumed that that material came from the sources of his other books.” Fair enough. However, while I can go look up a number of those other volumes on my bookshelf, not everyone can do this easily. Definitely a valid way to more book sales, I suppose!

I also noted a misstep or two, including calling The Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo on West Ferry a home “for terminal cancer patients” (it’s not — there are many reasons families stay at the house, and every cancer patient there isn’t terminal). The entry on “Ghost Children” runs twice. (A feeling of deja vu while reading a book on spooky experiences is ... odd.) An index would have been nice, although understandably complicated in a location-dense book this this. Several times I wanted to cross-check things and wound up simply using a system of Post-It notes in the pages.

Still, it’s an entertaining, quicker read and a nice introduction to the sheer volume of information on the paranormal in Western New York. If you’re looking for an overview of spooky sites and creepy tales — and possibly a jump-off point to more reading — “The Paranormal Almanac of Western New York” could be for you.

SUNDAY BOOK NOOK • WHAT: "The Paranormal Almanac of Western New York: A Book of Ghostly Lists" • BY: Mason Winfield • GRADE: B+

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