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December 19, 2013

Tonawanda's Snyder brings positive energy to play

Haley Snyder's positive energyrubbing off on teammates

Tonawanda News — It’s a very rare sight when Haley Snyder isn’t smiling. 

A key member of the Tonawanda Lady Warriors basketball team that is shooting for its third consecutive ECIC IV title, Snyder, a junior, is a leader on the volleyball team and a multiple record holder for Tonawanda track and field. But what really makes Haley Snyder wear a beaming ear-to-ear smile is the simplicity of life itself and being able to represent THS as a student-athlete.

“I really like it,” Snyder said with a smile. “I go to practice with all of my friends on my teams and we’re just joking around. You get to school and you feel like it’s going to be hard and you come to basketball and it’s fun.”

While so many people today are caught up in the selfishness of wanting more, Snyder is that rare breed who is simply thankful for what life has given her. All is good. She doesn’t need anything more.

“I always pictured high school to be really cool and I’d be one of those (active) kids,” she said. “But I never thought it’d be this much fun.”

Snyder’s infectious, upbeat personality radiates in everything she does and it has a positive ripple effect on her teammates.

“She brings that on the court. She’s so enthusiastic,” said Lady Warriors basketball coach Jay Hall. “She’s carefree and she just hustles all over the place. People see her hustle and they say if she can do that, we better start doing it too.”

Thanks largely to the inner circles of her three teams, Snyder, who won the Leadership Award in volleyball this year, said life at THS has been better than she dreamed it would be.

“I’ve always played basketball but I never thought I’d be on varsity. Playing, making shots in a game,” Snyder said. “It’s awesome.”

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