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September 27, 2013

Osborn's fighting spirit lifting the Jacks


Tonawanda News — But for Osborn life wasn’t always a whole lot of fun. In fact, if he hadn’t met Tyvaier Jones on the first day of his treatment he may not be where he is today.

Colleen Osborn took Ryan to Roswell Park on that first day and the first family they saw were the Joneses. They were vibrant and smiling, Colleen Osborn couldn’t believe it.

“I asked Tyvaier’s mom what they were here for and she said her son Tyvaier had liver cancer. I work in health care and I knew that is essentially a death sentence. There’s nobody I have ever known that’s survived it,” Colleen Osborn said. “So not only was I standing at Roswell Park for the very first day with Ryan to have treatment, but I also had to decide if I was going to have any more of my child’s childhood robbed of him. Because I knew that by allowing these two boys to develop a friendship meant Ryan was going to suffer a loss because of it.”

She said it was a hard decision, but after seeing the way Tyvaier loved life she knew her son needed that joy as he battled cancer.

Osborn said he couldn’t have made it thorugh treatment without Tyvaier.

“You’ve never seen a kid who was so sick — I mean he stayed through Christmas in the hospital and every time you see him you think that he has the most reason to be angry at the world and he was the happiest kid I ever met,” Osborn said.

On the field and in the weight room, Osborn has applied the same work ethic he demonstrated during his treatment. He is relentless in training and is the only member of the Jacks that can claim to be a member of the 1,400 club for three lifts, including a 500-pound squat. 

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