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September 27, 2013

Osborn's fighting spirit lifting the Jacks


Tonawanda News — Jacks coach Tony Truilizio said that the simple fact Osborn is cancer free means he has already won, but that his determination and intelligence make him an indispensable member of the team.

“He did the extra things over the summer with our training and work outs. We brought in Buddy Morris from the Cleveland Browns and Osborn has been going to him three times a week since the start of summer,” Truilizio said. “He’s making sure if I’m not there making a correction on a guy he’s out there helping us. 

“He helps us off the field, in the weight room and with techniques, so much so that in the offseason after he gets enrolled in college, I’m asking him to be a pseudo strength and conditioning coach for me. He seems to have a real knack for it.”

Osborn said his drive comes from his grandfather. Every day after school Cagney calls his grandson to check in that he’s up to date with his school work and has put in his time in the weight room. 

Cagney remembers what it was like when Osborn was going through treatment. The toughest days were the hardest to bear for everyone in the family, but the experience helped shape Osborn as a person.

“The year he went through chemotherapy you could feel and see the anxiety and fear building in him every time he went to the hospital. He was only 11 years old,” Cagney said. “When we’d get to the hospital he would have to be there all day going through the chemo. Then he’d have two or three days after that where he wouldn’t feel well. 

“He learned to deal with it. … I don’t ever remember him whining, complaining or crying about it. He just learned through that experience to deal with adversity, to look to the future and have a good attitude about stuff.”

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