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May 24, 2013

Gormley's swinging hot bat


Tonawanda News — For Gormley, well, it’s just satisfying to be able to help the team in more ways than one.

“Absolutely,” Gormley said. “I like to be able to not just get on base, but be able to hit runners in. It’s a great feeling.”

But that great feeling Gormley is experiencing almost didn’t happen.

While Gormley’s results are without question the result of hard work and her desire to get better, the catalyst for Gormley’s impact can be traced to a phone call she made to Chimera about two years ago.

“Two years ago she started for us as a sophomore, and at the end of her sophomore year she decided that she wasn’t going to play softball,” Chimera said. “She wanted to focus on soccer, and I understood that. She talked to me about it. 

“Then in the off season, it was probably right after the end of the soccer season, in November, she called me and asked is it too late to change her mind? I said of course not. That was one of the best calls. ... I was thrilled about that and the last two years it’s been great to have her.”

Happy that she stayed with the softball program, Gormley explained why she changed her mind about walking away.

“I guess when the season comes around I just get that feeling and I can’t not play,” Gormley said. “I would miss it too much.”

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