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May 17, 2014

Team of Mancuso and Atallah wins NFL doubles tournament

Team of Mancuso and Atallah wins NFL doubles tournament


Tonawanda News — Atallah and Mancuso stayed true to form in the semifinals, defeating Hastings and Piotrowski, 6-3, 6-4. Hastings and Piotrowski showed a high level of skill, but were overpowered by the quick play of Mancuso and Atallah.

Lockport and Grand Island had a marathon match fo their own, showing skilled ground strokes and strong play at the net. 

Reid and Napoli took the first set 6-2. Grand Island answered right back, shutting down the Lions with a 6-1 set victory. 

Lockport would not go away silently. The teams battled back and forth eventually leading to a 6-6 tie in the set. Reid and Napoli fell behind early in the tiebreaker 3-2 as Corrao showed quick reflexes as he volleyed shots at the net. If it slipped by Corrao, Mock would pick it up at the baseline. 

After a hard-fought, Grand Island came out on top 7-6 (3).

After a 30-minute break, the two remaining teams jogged on to the court for the final match. The quick turnaround of play halted neither team’s play.

Mancuso and Atallah planned their strategy flawlessly, dividing the court vertically with both teammates staying back near the baseline, charging in on one side when the opposition played a drop shot. 

“The whole game they had outstanding doubles strategy,” said Kenmore West coach Lisa Siegal. “Their chemistry today was just amazing. They played a total perfect day.”

The Blue Devils took the first three games with relative ease, earning their points through tough net play, hitting the corners and playing one step ahead of their opponents. 

The fourth game was the most exciting single game of the tournament.  With Atallah serving, Corrao and Mock fought tooth and nail to earn their points. Mock stayed stationary at the net, connecting with any ball hit within his reach. 

Not to be outdone, Atallah put his body on the line, diving for balls that seemed just out of reach and charging full-sprint into the netting that divided the adjacent court. 

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