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September 25, 2012

Richie Brinkman proud to be playing and starring at Ken East



“Richie’s a hard worker and a great kid,” Friedenberg said. “The guys look up to him in how he plays. Hopefully what he does out there sets an example.”

Brinkman’s star also shines in the classroom and he joined a new program at Ken East called the International Baccalaureate program.

“It’s the highest degree you can get from East,” he said, adding that his career goals are uncertain. “Law school’s always been up there for me. Physical therapy is also interesting. I like to interact with people.”

Mistaking Brinkman for being bookish would be silly, however, as the youngster is often the first to enliven the mood during Friedenberg’s demanding practices.

“Him and Jeremy Wood have a great time out there,” Friedenberg said. “They are always joking around. It’s hard for me because I’m trying to find that balance, but they lighten the practice up.”

The balance between education and comedy is struck somewhere between home and the pitch, according to Scott Brinkman.

“He has intensity but he likes to run the show,” Scott Brinkman said. “He’s a talker. The nice thing is the whole team communicates. He’s quiet around the house but if you put him on the field he perks up.”

That’s where Brinkman feels at home. His high grades and scholarship will enable him to get his foot in the door at many good schools and his soccer may just take care of the rest.

“I like the ball at my feet,” he said. “I distribute well. I dribble well. I’ll have my bad touches and stuff but I like to think I’m good because we have skill on our team. We can go far.”



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