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October 30, 2013

CANDIDATE LETTER: City attorney can help fight blight

Tonawanda News — My name is Joshua E. Dubs, and I am proud to be the Democratic candidate for North Tonawanda city attorney.

I’ve said it many times: Public service is the highest calling for an attorney. Over my career I have striven to do as much public service as possible, from mentoring students, to organizing toy drives for Toys for Tots, to raising money for Roswell Park Cancer Institute, to doing free legal work for Volunteer Lawyers’ Project, serving clients who need legal help the most but can afford it the least. My candidacy for city attorney is a continuation of that spirit — I want to continue using my skills to help my neighbors and the community at large.

My law practice has always been general in nature. I have represented clients in many areas of law, including housing court, real estate, criminal law and civil litigation. I have worked with village, town and city attorneys all over Western New York on these very issues. Those experiences make me uniquely qualified to handle the many diverse nuances that the city attorney faces.

My platform is and has always been straightforward. I will represent the city, its officers, boards and entities to the best of my abilities, without regard to politics or exterior pressures. This means prosecuting city code violations equally, judiciously and above all, fairly. It also means keeping legal work in house, instead of farming it out to well connected Buffalo law firms, in order to save taxpayer money and reduce the scourge of political patronage.

I am also a strong advocate for the development, in consultation with the city court, the building inspector and housing code enforcement department, of an effective and efficient housing court, which will finally address those properties that cause neighboring property values to decline, and invite crime and other unscrupulous activities. Working together, we can take a serious bite out of the blight in our city.

In my career I have striven every day to diligently and ethically represent my clients. Now I ask for the chance to bring that drive and dedication to represent our great city as your city attorney.

I thank you for your consideration, and ask for your vote on Nov. 5.

Joshua E. Dubs

Candidate, city attorney

North Tonawanda

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