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September 12, 2012

READER LETTERS: 911 dispatcher bungled EMS call


Change is often good — but changes which can result in the difference between life and death need to be seriously considered from all angles before being initiated — and then need to be re-evaluated when situations such as this occur.

— Donna Zellner Neal, North Tonawanda

Seeking justice for dog attack

On July 30, I was walking my dog. My dog was on a leash. A girl was walking her dog on the same side of the street. When I walked to avoid her, she dropped the dog’s leash. The dog ran towards me. He lunged for my throat and attacked me. Then he viciously mauled my dog. After the incident, the girl picked up the dog’s leash and walked home. If it were not for the people who came to my aid, my dog and I would have been killed. I notified the North Tonawanda police. When the police officer arrived, I showed him where the girl resides. The officer went to her house. I wanted to press charges against her because she was not in control of her dog. There is a leash law in North Tonawanda. The officer told me the girl would not be held responsible because he did not witness the attack. Witnesses saw the attack, how much evidence is needed? The officer told me it was an incident and not a crime. He also told me if I had died from being attacked by the dog, it would be considered a cime, then he would have pressed charges.

I went to my physician and was treated for dog bites and abrasions. My dog had extensive surgery. The veterinarian told me my dog was lucky he survived the attack. In my opinion, this police officer was not doing his job. A higher official should check and see how the police department operates. I called numerous times to talk to the chief of police about my situation. He never returned my phone calls. He wants the status of being the chief of the North Tonawanda police but is not maintaining his responsibilities.

— Susan Travis, North Tonawanda



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