Tonawanda News

September 5, 2012

SOOS: Local pols played politics with Walmart

The Tonawanda News

— I take exception with Senator George Maziarz touting the grand opening of the Walmart Supercenter in North Tonawanda. How he could play up the importance of the store’s contribution to employment and sales tax, and the property tax it will generate, amazes me.

I wonder what the Walmart Corporation would think of Maziarz if they knew he promoted the delay of the store’s opening. He did not want the store to open while I was mayor. 

Along with Frank Budwey and NT First the litigation dragged on for years. The senator also enlisted the help of the council president to seek delays in construction. 

Frank’s reward was incentives fo his new store in Newfane provided by the county and state. George’s reward was for his political arm in NT to look good as the store opened under their watch. In the meantime the city lost countless dollars in revenue through sales tax sharing and property tax, let alone employment opportunities. 

The senator’s obsession with power was put before his concerns for the citizens of North Tonawanda. As mayor, I always put North Tonawanda and its people first.

Lawrence V. Soos

Former North Tonawanda Mayor