Tonawanda News

September 5, 2012

LETTER: Editor wrong to link GOP with Akin

The Tonawanda News

— It is clear you are a man on the political left. I am a man on the political right. We need each other to maintain balance. Please take a more responsible position than you have, and one I believe you are capable of. Do not attempt to convince your readers that what Todd Akin said is representative of all those in the GOP or on the political right (”Akin’s comments a window into GOP’s perversion” Aug. 22). To do so is almost as ridiculous as what Mr. Akin said.

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have denounced Mr. Akin’s comments regarding abortion, as have virtually all intelligent, thinking individuals.

Mr. Akin believes strongly that there is no room in our society for abortion. He is entitled to his opinion and not alone with those sentiments. But he is alone in the way he attempted to explain his position. A man with as much political experience as he has should never have made those comments. But then there is Vice President Joe Biden, the only politician who could come close to saying something as absurd as what Mr. Akin said. Every time Mr. Biden makes one of his ridiculous comments, no attempt is made to imply or say directly that his remarks represent all of those on the left. I would be just as critical of anyone who would suggest that.

William V. Litz

Grand Island