Tonawanda News

October 31, 2013

LETTER: Zadzilka gets the job done

By Ann Finkle
The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — All too frequently, I read someone’s comment about an issue and the person says, “Someone should do something about ... “ I have found from personal experience, that Eric Zadzilka, the Third Ward alderman is often just that someone. 

Not only is he able to contact the right people to do or approve whatever, he follows up on the issue to make sure it is addressed, and then gets back to the person making the request or complaint. I have had several such issues completed to my satisfaction.

While certain projects were introduced as many as 30 years ago (i.e. the road extension between Meadow and Erie), those projects were often not implemented or seen to completion by any of the councils in office since that time. This current council has a record of being able to finish the plans of yesterday and meet today’s needs. 

Part of the reason for Mr. Zadzilka’s success is the compatibility of and the ability to negotiate with his North Tonawanda Common Council colleagues. That simply says that these people respect each other, the citizens of North Tonawanda, and the duties with which they were charged. I attend nearly every workshop and meeting so I can say with some authority that these gentlemen are able to discuss with energy and all appropriately necessary information, issues which are of concern to the general population or an individual who has an issue.

Our tax rate has been only minimally altered, not rising at all in the last two years. Department heads hired by the Mayor, have been done so with Mr. Zadzilka, among others, sitting in on the interview process and the entire Council weighing in on the decisions. Two of the most recent are Brad Rowles of the DPW, who has overseen the repaving of roads and repairing of sidewalks in a timely and effective fashion, and our new Chief of Police, William Hall, who has provided our city with the expectation for safety, all within our budget.

Mr. Zadzilka is a soft-spoken young man with a sense of humor, a devotion to this city and its residents, and the desire to make North Tonawanda the best place possible for us to call home. He is really willing to “put his money where his mouth is.” 

In other words, he is a competent, reliable, conscientiously hard-working servant of the people. He and the other current council members have repeatedly shown in so many ways, that they have mastered the ability to run this city, in a fiscally sound and forward moving fashion filled with numerous accomplishments, growth, and improving prosperity. 

Fortunately, we have a team that works well together and accomplishes things that others spent as much as decades in unsuccessfully attempting to bring to fruition. We, as citizens, must thank these members by re-electing Eric Zadzilka and the other currently seated members to another term for the continued success of this city. Successful experience is a valuable thing. So why fix it if it ain’t broke? Change is not always good.

Ann Finkle is a resident of North Tonawanda.