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April 11, 2013

GUEST VIEW: KMH at mercy of corporate greed

Tonawanda News — In 2000 I began working at Kenmore Mercy Hospital in Admissions. I was amazed at the caring and compassion I witnessed by the nursing staff in the hospital. 

In 2001, I became a registered nurse and reluctantly left the community hospital for a larger local hospital that was offering a full-time position. Immediately, I noticed the environment and the people inside it were different. The staff was never as welcoming and there was no team effort amongst coworkers to facilitate better care. 

In 2006, I returned to Kenmore Mercy excited to be a nurse in the hospital I loved. The level of caring and compassion I wittnessed back in 2000 was there again. We always worked as a team to get the job done putting our patients and their families first. I currently call the ICU my home and I am blessed to work alongside these men and women. 

Our nurses continually go above and beyond the call of duty to treat our patients with reverence, dignity and compassion. We are with people in their darkest hours providing them with outstanding physical, emotional and spiritual support. We are on the front lines to hear their frustrations and concerns. Nurses are the educators, advocates and cheerleaders. Nurses are the tear-wipers, hand-holders and last good-byers. Nurses are the foundation of the hospital and it’s foundation. Without nurses the hospital is just another buliding. 

I am embarrased and ashamed to know this place I call home has administrators that do not respect or value nurses as they once did. Our nurses are the driving force behind the accolades and awards that adorn our facility. We have dedicated our lives to providing outstanding care to the people in this community. I understand the hospital is a business — but the business mentality is going to be the destruction of Kenmore Mercy as we know it. 

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