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July 11, 2013

LETTER: Gay marriage isn't a civil right

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Gay marriage isn’t a civil right

This is in response to Jill Keppeler’s article, “So you want to defend marriage?” in the June 27 edition of The Tonawanda News. 

She really hasn’t changed much in the way she presents her opinions. She still seems to think her opinion is empirically correct and that everyone should share the same views with her if they would only think “correctly.” I’m afraid that’s just not the case. 

In my estimation, her article about defending marriage was off base and didn’t make any allowance for the reasons people want to defend the institution of marriage. I believe people have been duped by the homosexual community into believing that same sex marriage is a civil rights issue when it is absolutely nothing of the kind. Two men or two women together can produce nothing for the continuation of the human race. This is not a human law, it’s a universal law of creation and nothing anyone else can say will ever change that. Doesn’t that alone tell that there’s something sacred and very special about a man and a women united in “holy” matrimony? 

Maybe we should dig a little deeper and start asking what it is that homosexual people really want. I believe that more than anything, they want to be accepted as normal and not different from the rest of the “normal” (universal law) people. Let’s face fact, They are different because of one thing. They desire to have sex with another person of the same sex. 

I have no problem with people associated with whomever they want because that is their civil right. However, I strenuously object to their desire to force anyone else to accept their chosen lifestyle as their civil right without regard for the other person’s civil right. I wonder why the media only talks about homosexual rights and not the rights of others. I believe it was Thomas Paine who said, “Freedom consists of the right to do whatever is not contrary to the rights of others.” I think others should have their rights respected and not be forced to accept things that are against their beliefs and principals. This whole debate about homosexual rights is strictly one sided with no regard for the rights of others. That is definitely wrong. Maybe people never looked at it that way.

Ted Kraft

North Tonawanda