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May 15, 2013

Women's Equality Agenda long overdue

Tonawanda News — Women’s Equality Agendalong overdue

Fifty years after the height of the women’s movement, we are still talking about women’s rights because of the gross inequities that still exist in our society. It’s time to end the rhetoric, finish the conversation and solve the problem. We can make great progress in achieving equity this year by supporting Governor Cuomo’s 10-point Women’s Equality Agenda.

Let’s face facts. New York women still contend with significant economic challenges. At the YWCA, we see women everyday who live just one missed paycheck away from economic crisis. The women we serve, and all New York women, can no longer afford to make between 55 and 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. Women who work in small business need better protection from sexual harassment. Pregnant women need the opportunity to continue working with reasonable accommodations for their pregnancy. Women deserve equal pay for equal work. And women suffering from abuse need stronger laws to protect them.

The YWCA Tonawandas has been working to address issues of gender-based violence and injustice for 100 years. We are thrilled to work with Governor Cuomo on his 10- point Women’s Equality Agenda and have made it a centerpiece of our centennial year agenda.

The Women’s Equality Agenda will provide significant changes that will have a direct and positive impact on women’s lives. In addition to promoting women’s economic stability, the Women’s Equality Agenda will improve housing options for women, help end violence against women, and enhance women’s health care.

Join the YWCA in support of the most comprehensive women’s rights legislation we have seen in a decade, because New York women should not have to worry about losing their jobs, losing their homes or being safe. Women’s rights are human rights.

Jill Townson and Traci Gebrosky 

Executive Director and President, YWCA Tonawandas

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