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August 15, 2013

READER LETTER: Government has lost accountability

Tonawanda News — Government has lost accountability

As a private resident I would like to have some questions answered that I was aware of before Mark Grisanti became senator of the 60th district in New York state, and why he changed his ideas afterward. 


No.1: I understand you were against gay marriage — but you voted for it.

No. 2: You claimed that you were allowing guns — but you voted for the Safe Act.

No. 3: You now appear to do what Cuomo wants and Cuomo has campaigned for you.

No. 4: I am quite upset about the environment and the coke plant mess as are the courts who agreed with me regarding the reasons why citizens had to wait so long before becoming involved themselves, before any action was taken by the government. 

Also, my feelings as a widowed wife and mother wonder why a councilman in the Town of Tonawanda is still allowed to keep his position having recently been arrested after a domestic incident. We don’t need people like that.

It would seem as though our government has lost accountability.

Dora Reed

North Tonawanda

Porter Cup compliments

OK, I admit it, I am biased. I have been caddying at the men’s Porter Cup for years, so I’m a bit jaded. Another gem in Niagara County’s backyard has been this long-staged event. To add to this remarkable and well-respected tournament, was the first-ever woman’s Porter Cup held back in June.

I have been fortunate enough in my tenure of looping (the cool name for caddying), to have carried clubs for a winning golfer (Spencer Levine in 2004) and for a second-place winner in the women’s tournament (Prim Thammaraks from Thailand and a senior at Iowa State University). My long-term golfer is one of the finest gentlemen I know, Mike McCoy from Iowa, who is passionate about amateur golf. Plus I have met some incredibly nice people who happen to play golf. 

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