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April 5, 2007

GUEST VIEW: Bottles, water's new fashion accessory

Call me a curmudgeon, as some of my friends do, and I’ll plead guilty.

Whether based on fact, or just strong personal opinions, I take a stand on many subjects. Based on that premise, it’s time to mount a soapbox and expound on one of my favorite topics — bottled water.

In the not too distant past, I thought that people walking around with a bottle of water were just demonstrating an affectation, which I hoped would not last long. How wrong my thought, and hopes, were. Looks like it is here to stay; it has become de rigueur.

And of course the water can rarely be the plain, ordinary, generic supermarket store brand; it has to be “designer stuff” which naturally comes at a premium price. People have become as fashion conscious with their water as with their clothes.

How, and perhaps more importantly why, has it all happened? A large part of the answer, of course, is that so many people nowadays believe that you shouldn’t drink tap water. It’s not safe, and you will probably become ill.

Some people find that tap water tastes a little “funny.” I never have, but if someone does find that a problem, they can just use one of the numerous filter devices available. Unfortunately, I think this perceived need for bottled water has reached many families that can ill afford to purchase it, but feel that they have to.

It’s not that I’m suggesting that there is no need to adequately replenish our bodies with water. Of course there is, since the average person is about 60 percent water. My concern is the way we seem to be going about it. Why the need to constantly have water by our side? Have we become a nation, or a world, with a constant thirst?

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