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April 7, 2007

READER LETTERS: Published April 7

Clinton Park destruction unjustified

With the exception of a few days in DeGraff Hospital when I was born, I have lived my entire life in the City of Tonawanda.

This does not justify my opinions being any more valuable than someone who moved here yesterday, but I write as one who wonders if I am watching a community that doesn’t care anymore.

I have always felt that there are so many things that make our little city unique and more a “home” than some of the overrun, traffic-congested towns around us with no character to speak of. I have watched over all my years and have been sad to see many of the landmarks disappear, but have been happy that a few still remain for future generations.

My content was shattered when I drove by and saw the beginnings of tree removal in Clinton Park. I looked at it without getting out of my car and thought, what a shame that some of these trees were damaged so much from the October Storm that they had to be removed. A day or so later, I realized that what I had thought was a necessary removal had turned into a complete destruction of this Tonawanda landmark. I have encountered so many people since whose reactions range from total disbelief that this was allowed, to anger and disgust beyond words.

Admittedly, I am far from an expert on diseased trees, but I walked the entire park and looked at every stump that remains of the once beautiful, graceful trees that took years to gain their stature. There is not one stump that shows any signs of rot or disease and the most sickening thing of all for me was that each and every one shows the remains of a beautiful, solid piece of wood.

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