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April 14, 2007

YOUR VIEW: Reader letters published April 14

Budwey’s and Wal-Mart can both be super

I am a long-time resident of North Tonawanda and I am upset with all the remarks that Frank Budwey has made against the proposed Wal-Mart for North Tonawanda.

Budwey’s has been a part of this community since the 1920s and Wal-Mart should have the same right to build this store as did the Budweys in 1922. I can’t imagine Frank Budwey is going to lose any business because of Wal-Mart. If anything, people coming into North Tonawanda from other communities that don’t have a Budweys could stop in and do some shopping.

So Budwey’s might even gain from this endeavor.

The people of North Tonawanda are loyal and they will continue to shop at Budwey’s, Tops, Wegmans and even Wal-Mart. There is certainly enough business to go around. Why didn’t Frank Budwey take out ads to oppose the four Tops Markets or the Wegmans stores?

Frank Budwey claims Wal-Mart outsources everything. Well, you need to get your facts straight because Wal-Mart doesn’t outsource jobs. The 400 jobs that it will be bringing to the area are for real people.

I shop at Budwey’s and I shop at Tops and even Wegmans. Once Wal-Mart is here in North Tonawanda I will continue to shop at the above three grocery stores but I will add Wal-Mart to the list. Why should I give my hard-earned money to Clarence, Amherst or Niagara Falls? Let’s keep the money in North Tonawanda.

Let’s work together to get a Wal-Mart in North Tonawanda.

Kimberly Jakopac, North Tonawanda

Anti-abortion and pro-death penalty are compatible

To express one’s convictions doesn’t necessarily imply his or her moral superiority.

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