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December 14, 2013

Otto Redanz teaming with Niagara Hospice for special grief seminar


Tonawanda News — “Just the other day at the Light-A-Life ceremony I ran into (the mother),” Rob said. “The smile was back on her face and she said ‘We’re doing OK.’ She expressed thanks for the support.”

Mike noted that he understands that many people may not be emotionally ready to attend such an event, and that it still may not be easy for those who do attend.

He says all he wants to do with this event is bring comfort, adding that this seminar is not meant to heal anyone, just that anyone who comes is able to walk away with something.

The goal is for attendees to learn methods for coping and living their lives in the wake of tragedy. Amor, of Hospice, says there are a number of things that can be done to help ease the stress of the season.

“I think the major thing is just to realize you can make a plan for yourself of what you’re going to do,” she said. “Sometimes the anticipation of the season can be worse than the actual holiday. It’s just about taking care of yourself and your family not wearing yourself out and getting through the best you can. It’s ok to give yourself a break, it’s ok to not celebrate the same way this year.”

Amor added that another way the seminar helps is by showing people that the grief they feel is natural and that there are plenty of other people going through it. When people are deep in the holiday spirit, she says, it’s easy to feel isolated when you aren’t.

The seminar will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Otto Redanz Funeral Home located at 2215 Military Road, Niagara Falls.

“It doesn’t even matter how many people come,” Goodlander said. “If one person comes I’ve done my job. I we can help comfort one person that’s all we’re looking for.”

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