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June 26, 2013

City to revalue property

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Tonawanda News — The City of Tonawanda will update property assessments for the entire city in time for the 2014 tax year, officials said.

The city has hired ENPM Appraisal Inc., to assist the city in completing the project, which began in 2008. 

“The goal of this project is to continue to have fair and equitable property assessments at 100 percent of market value,” a statement from City Assessor Dave Marrano reads. “The assessor and the contractor will work with the community in achieving this goal.”

The contractor has already completed a review of all residential sales over the past three years. Commercial property owners will receive a survey in late June to determine the usage, size and values of any rents or leases of the property. 

In August, ENPM staff will begin the revaluation process, which will include an exterior review of all property in the city — residential and commercial — from the right of way. 

Staff will not be entering any homes. If residents would like an interior inspection, they should call the city assessor’s office. 

All ENPM staff and Marrano will be in clearly marked vehicles and will have the proper identification on them. 

The assessor will have a public information session to answer residents’ questions about the process in the fall. If residents have any questions, they should contact the assessor’s office by calling 695-8639 or by emailing him at