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December 6, 2013

LEFFLER: The Olympics, Mandela and freedom, oh my

Tonawanda News — Watching last Friday’s episode of Grimm the other day, I was really happy.

Yeah, sure the episode itself was good. I’ve always like Grimm’s Fairy Tales and the wesen are always cool. Especially that hot blonde Hexenbiest. But I digress. (already, I know)

No. The thing that excited me was the five golden interlocking rings under NBC’s famous peacock logo. There’s only 62 days until the 2014 Winter Olympics start. Did you hear me? Sixty-two days!

See, for me the Winter Olympics are like a Christmas on the Fourth of July. The Summer Olympics remind me much more of Thanksgiving. Of course, that’s not a good thing from my perspective. But we’ve got years to worry about that waste of time. The Winter Olympics is in a mere 62 days.

Basically the Winter Olympics is a bunch of sliding — skiing, bobsledding, luge, ski jumping, snowboarding — and controlled slipping — ice skating, hockey, speed skating, curling, and cross country skiing. Any nine-year-old boy has perfected every single one of these sports either on a hill in winter or on their parents’ linoleum kitchen floor.

In other words, for two and a half weeks in February I get to relive my youth vicariously through Olympic athletes. In 62 days I’ll be nine again. How could I not be excited?


The funny thing is at 39, I’m not so good at controlled sliding. On my way to work from my girlfriend’s house on Thanksgiving, I took a spill on some ice. Ended up in the hospital — for the second time this year.

I’m also not so good in the kitchen. Cooking a turkey over the weekend, I burned myself pretty good. Then I ran a serrated knife half way through my thumb. I should have gone for stitches but I refuse to go the Emergency Room twice in a week. 

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