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January 4, 2013

Town details committee responsibilities

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The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — The Town of Tonawanda Board held its annual organizational meeting Wednesday night and Town Supervisor Anthony Caruana and board members were appointed to their committee positions — the same appointments as 2012.

Caruana was appointed the chairman of the public safety, budget, personnel and fire district committees.

Councilman Dan Crangle will again head the Youth, Parks and Recreation, senior citizens, building maintenance, vehicle utilization and street lighting committees. 

Councilman Joseph Emminger will head water resources, town clerk, assessor, intergovernmental relations and SEQR — with Caruana and Chimera also on the team. 

Councilman John Bargnesi will continue as the head of the highway, garbage and recycling, waterfront, economic development, planning board and building departments. 

Councilwoman Lisa Chimera will lead the technical support, information technology, community development, zoning board of appeals, insurance, publicity, cable TV and franchises committees. 

Full-time, non-elected officials were also appointed to positions on the deferred compensation board, the solid waste management board and the board of ethics.

“There weren’t a lot of differences with those appointments,” Caruana said. “We often appointed the same person after their term ran out, or appointed someone new.” 

The board also approved other routine business necessary for the year. 

“We approved public guidelines, investments and bonds, agreements with the banks we deal with as well as the law firms,” Caruana said. 

Other business included approving holidays for regular and full time employees, approving rules and procedures for purchases and approving mileage rates for employees.